cockroach colonyThe mention of cockroaches in a home, restaurant or any other public place does not augur well for the place. People consider cockroach infestation as a result of a dirty and unhygienic environment kept by the owners. In case of a home, the presence of such pests is that it makes the home look dirty and unhealthy. They leave their crawly traces on every other part of the home from as close as the kitchen to as deep inside as the bedroom and wardrobes. Due to their movements in and out of dirty places, they carry with them a lot of dirt and germs that may easily contaminate the kitchen environment where they also like frequenting in search of food. Indeed, their contact with anything can be potentially unhealthy because they like to be on the places and items used regularly like plates and cookers, food stores and lockers, wardrobes and bedrooms. In commercial areas like restaurants and hotels, they can really scare away customers due to their scary sight and damage to fabric and clothes.

Getting rid of cockroaches is one of the most daunting tasks any person can go through. And this is not because there are not effective methods to deal with them. There are great sprays, powders and other ingredients and methods that have proved very successful in managing cockroaches but most of them have only a small percentage of success.  There are several reasons for this situation, one of which is the nature of cockroaches.  A cockroach is one of the most hardy insects that nature has created. It is proved that it can stay for up to 90 days without food. This is a whole three months and is one of the longest any living creature can do without food. What this means is that if you were doing cockroach extermination and one of them manages to hide, it can do so for as long as it would take you to think it has already died. This also allows any chemical you might have used to weaken in effect thus giving the cockroach another chance to torment you.

Secondly, cockroaches are hard to exterminate because of their breeding and multiplication capabilities. Cockroaches are said to mate only once a lifetime and this means that one fertile cockroach will continue to reproduce on its own for as long as it lives. They reproduce so quickly allowing them to rapidly increase in whichever place they are. In one place, there can be as many as 30,000 cockroaches at one time and this makes it very difficult to get rid of all of them during extermination. The best effort can hardly do more than 90% of the extermination. There will always be some left over cockroaches hiding at one corner or the other or some eggs here and there which are left to hatch and continue the infestation.

The other problem that makes cockroach extermination a hard task is how they hide themselves. It can sometimes take many weeks or months before you realize you have a cockroach infestation. Their normal nature is that they are nocturnal and so they will mainly appear when night falls. If you have a habit of going to bed early, you may never have a chance to see the cockroaches that dwell in your house. Besides their night episodes, cockroaches don’t live on open places. They like to hide under beds, inside kitchen cabinets, sinks and other shadowy places where not every person looks at. This gives them the ability to survive many extermination attempts due to inability to reach them in their hiding places.

Due to the above difficulties, only expert and experienced cockroach extermination professionals can succeed in making a home or any place free from a cockroach infestation. Self extermination and use of inexperienced experts may seem to bear fruit but the cockroaches may most likely just be hiding only to resurface after some time.

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