bed bugsThe problem of bedbug infestation has become a thorn in the flesh for so many people. Although there are many ways exterminating bed bugs from the home, the actual bed bug extermination is not as easy as has been said. There are times when one thorough extermination session can clear up all of them and you take a long period without experiencing them again. However, due to the nature of life today, we find ourselves stacked between many other people especially in cities and we have no control of how they manage their environment. You might be doing your best to keep your home free from bedbugs but you might be getting frustrated by frequent re-infestation. Your best efforts might never give you freedom form bedbugs and you need to think for more available and cheaper solutions that you can apply on a continuous basis.

One of the most effective ingredients for dealing with bedbugs is alcohol. Alcohol has been proved to be very good at killing bedbugs and many other domestic pests and parasites. First, this is a product that is easily available in your store or chemist. It is also not expensive as compared to other bed bug killing chemicals available. This allows you to be able to buy it as frequently as possible and use it in any instance where bedbugs are spotted in the home.

Alcohol is very irritating to bedbugs. It affects their skin and causes debilitating damage on their tender skin. After the skin, the effect penetrates further inside until the bugs are completely damaged beyond any hope of life. All you need to do is spray alcohol on your bed sheets, be cover and blankets. These are the most common hiding places for bedbugs as they lie in wait for your bedtime. You can spray in the morning so as to allow a whole day of the alcohol to penetrate inside the surfaces where the bugs are hiding so as to be effective. This will also ensure you don’t come to bed to the smell of alcohol on your blankets.

Killing bedbugs without killing their eggs is the most common mistake done by people who choose to use bedbug sprays at home. You need to be very much experienced in bedbug extermination to properly and successfully eliminate all the bedbug eggs in a home.  The good news however is that with alcohol, you don’t need all that experience. Alcohol is able to quickly penetrate when sprayed and reach to all the bedbug eggs destroying them on contact. This is because it is a toxic compound and it destroys the outer part of the eggs rendering them dead.

The last advantage with alcohol is affordability. Unlike any other insect killers, alcohol is affordable and available in most of the places where bedbugs are found. You don’t need expert advice on how to use it because it is not toxic to man. You can actually spray a few minutes before bed and you will be okay to sleep on the same bed. Those who have used it have had significant and permanent success in ridding their homes of bedbugs.

Finally, bedbug extermination need not be very complicated, time consuming and repetitive. Any person can and should do it because the issue of bedbugs is fast becoming a common problem. Experts are very expensive to hire and their success can only be guaranteed for a short time. This is because the can only spray existing bedbugs and their eggs. They can do nothing to future ones which come by road, rail and air as people travel from place to place.

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