miceMice are a major problem in homes both in urban and sub urban residents. They breed very fast and can take over your home within a short time. They like to operate from dirty places like sewers, manholes, dustbins and wherever left over foods can be found. They also pose a health risk because they transmit diseases such as salmonella, ray fungus; ring worm, dermatitis and rat bite fever among others.  These are dangerous diseases but ones that you can eliminate by dealing a blow to the mice in your house. The most important thing to know before you even think of how to eliminate mice is to look for how they came into your house. You cannot succeed unless you solve that problem. Here are important things you can do to deal with the mice already in your house.

1.       Identify and block entry points

Mice can access a home through many places. Remember, they are small in size and able to penetrate through small holes that may be even meant for air or drainage. You need first to check your drainage system because this will most likely be their entry point. Check for openings in your kitchen that lead outside.  Some homes have large ventilations which can fit a mouse. These can also ways though which mice access you house. You must devise a way of making them mice proof by either changing them or overlaying with a wire mesh. This should also apply to the opening in the kitchen and all others in the house.

2.       Dispose leftovers

Mice can only survive if they are well fed. The only source of food they have in your house is leftovers which are left overnight on the kitchen top, floor and dining room. Mice come up after you go to sleep and rampage through your kitchen and entire dining place in search for leftover food. Ensure your kitchen is clean after dinner and no foods are left on the floor. Besides, you should dispose them in a tightly closed container.

3.       Maintain clean surroundings

Mice thrive in dirt and rubbish.  Cleaning inside your house only and forgetting to tidy the outside is a sure way of breeding mice for future infestation.  The environment around your home can be a breeding ground if not well kept. Clean up piles of garbage and any other thing that might provide a nesting place for mice.

4.       Traps

Mice are stubborn and can sometimes be hard to eliminate even when your house and surroundings are kept clean. Use of mice poison may also not be effective because there is no guarantee that a mouse will automatically die after taking the poison. Most of the poisons can be neutralized if the mouse takes water. Traps have been proven as the best solution to eliminating mice. They provide a sure way of dealing with the mice conclusively. Once a mouse is trapped, it can hardly escape. Furthermore, in using traps, you don’t have to worry about the mouse dying in a hidden place and causing a smell in the house. You easily dispose of the mouse and your house remains clean and fresh.

5.       Use a professional  exterminator

Dealing with mice conclusively can be challenging and time consuming. However, if your efforts don’t lead to much success, you can consult an expert exterminator. One advantage of hiring a professional exterminator is that they have a more thorough understanding of mice than an ordinary person. They will use the most appropriate method to ensure you get rid of mice and offer you tips to secure your home for a long time.

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