roachesCockroaches have become an increasingly more persistent problem over the past years. There are now different varieties of cockroaches found in different places. Sometimes, there can even be several cockroaches species in one home. This makes cockroach elimination a very difficult because of the varied resistance and survival levels of cockroaches. Cockroaches love homes because there they are assured of two things which are basic and vital for their multiplication and survival. One of these is shelter.

Cockroaches love to live in the home because in there they find ready shelter where they can hide from the harsh weather and low temperatures. Cockroaches love warm and dry places and thus will most likely love to be in your kitchen. To them this is a double advantage because they get much food besides shelter. You may never sometimes see them physically because they mainly move around in darkness and during the night.  These conditions are available in your kitchen and dining room making them best hideouts for cockroaches in the home.

The next basic thing necessary for a cockroach is food. Cockroaches need to eat on a regular basis to keep alive. Although endowed with a potential to do without food for some time, they can eat every day. Many people don’t take a very keen interest on the cleanliness of their home especially clearing of spilt foods and this is a great way of feeding cockroaches. Homes where food stuff is left on the floor and on tables overnight will naturally attract more cockroaches and other pests.

Cleanliness can be used effectively in the elimination of cockroaches when taken as a holistic approach to dealing with the menace. One of the best places to consider is the kitchen. Make it a habit for all the family members to eat at the table and have the dishes and leftovers cleaned and wiped. A clean and dry kitchen or any other house will automatically be a deterrent to cockroaches. This should be spread across the other parts of the house especially the bedroom and the living room. Cockroaches don’t like cold places. They normally hide under cabinets, carpets, inside sofa sets, on cracks and folds in different places in a home.

For you to succeed in the cleanliness approach to cockroach extermination, you must make deliberate effort to control how you eat and store your foods. As mentioned earlier, eating in one place is far much preferable for this strategy than eating at different places. The food storage places need to be kept clean at all the time. In many homes, food is locked up in places where it can stay for a long time. If you want to avoid a cockroach infestation, you need to keep opening up your food stores to see whether cockroaches or any other pests have made their home there. This also gives you an opportunity to look around and identify such infestation and take prompt action to stem their spread.

A regular cleaning of the whole house and compound is also a great step towards ensuring the home environment remains hostile to cockroaches. It is necessary to clean the home with disinfectants to kills traces of germs spread by cockroaches and leave the fresh smell which deters the cockroaches. Keeping an insecticide spray in the house is important in dealing with the cockroaches that may still find their way in. When you spot one of them, spray it dead and if possible burn it to kill the eggs in the body. Alternatively, you can dispose it off at a place far from the home or stuff it in a plastic bag for disposal through the dumpster.

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