mouse 1One of the most disgusting scenes in the home is the sight of a mouse moving around your kitchen or lounge when you are resting or preparing food.  It can get even more sickening when you are hosting guests may be for an important social or business appointment. Mice can roam around the house any time in search of food and will stop at nothing to get to where they can satisfy their hunger. The worst thing about them is that efforts to eliminate them can sometimes be difficult and futile due to the methods that are commonly used.  One of the most popular methods applied in eliminating mice is mice poison. This is a chemical substance that has the potential to kill the mice after consumption.

As much as mice poison is effective, it has its own downside. Mice poison only has an effect on the particular mouse that eats it. In most cases, mice don’t stay in one place and this makes it very difficult to use the poison. The second problem with the poison is that upon consumption, there is no guarantee that the mouse will die. Some of these poisons are neutralized by water and so as long as the mouse can access water, they are able to be safe. The other problem is that even when the mouse dies, it may be hard to locate where it died at. Some may die at the most hidden places rendering your house full of bad odor.

There are simple ways you can employ in your home to first eliminate mice and also make it unattractive to them. The first and most important is to maintain cleanliness. Mice and any other living thing can only survive if there is a constant supply of food. Mice feed on all things that man can eat. This makes the home a perfect place for them. The only way they find food in the home is by accessing your food store or feeding from leftovers on your dining table or kitchen. These are the most common places where food is left overnight or for long periods after people have eaten.

To ensure mice don’t access food stores, you need to look at the stores afresh.  In many houses, food is kept in kitchen stores, drawers and lockers. After many years of usage or due to breakage or faults, these lockers or drawers get broken and sometimes are not tightly lockable. These openings allow mice to penetrate in and access the foods like flour and bread. You need to repair all your food storage places and ensure they are kept tightly locked after use. Besides, this, ensure all foods are kept inside here so that there are not packets of foods left lying in places in the house as this will attract the mice.

The kitchen and dining are notorious for mice looking for leftover foods especially after dinner. The best practice to deal with the issue of spilt food is to make a thorough cleaning of all the kitchen and dining area immediately eating is over. This ensures that you are able to locate and clear all the food spilt on the floor and table tops as this is what mice feed on. The utensils should also be cleaned, dried and stored in a secure closed locker. The kitchen should also be kept clean and dry. There are people who like eating on beds or other places in the home and this can jeopardize your efforts to eliminate mice as you would wish. The best practice should be to encourage eating of food in one place or to always use a mat if you eat away from the dining area. The mat collects all the left over foods and makes cleaning easier.

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