Bedbugs are one of the most disgusting and harmful parasites that attack human beings. They follow man to his most private places like the living room and bedroom. All this is with one purpose, to drain man of the most important ingredient of life, his blood. Besides the blood sucking, bedbugs have been known to carry harmful germs that can result in diseases. In most cases, bedbugs live in very hidden places in the bedroom like on cracks and inside mattresses and some type of blankets but they can also be found in the living room or lounge and in any place where people love rest. Although it is possible to minimize the chances of bedbugs invading your home, instances happen when even with the best efforts, you still fall prey to these vicious bedbugs. This call for measures to deal with them and ensure you can live a comfortable life in your home. There are several natural methods you can use to keep away and eliminate bedbugs form your home.

  1. Wash all infected clothes in hot water

Not all clothes may be washed in hot water in normal circumstances. However, in case of a bedbug infestation, this measure helps to eliminate all bedbugs and their eggs. Bedbugs have a very soft skin and a hot water wash on your clothes and beddings cannot leave any alive. If the infestation was noted on the bedroom, all the beddings should also be washed in hot water so as to eliminate any chance of survival for the bugs. If the infestation is on a sofa, you can use a hot steam spray around the seat covering all surfaces including the space underneath and it will have the same effect as a hot water clean.

  1. Remove dirt form the house

Bedbugs thrive in dirty environments and can rapidly multiply on such conditions. In many homes, there are piles of clothes that have gone out of fashion or have shrunk and for some reason are not in use. These clothes are sometimes dumped into stores and in lockers waiting for further action.  These piles form the perfect conditions for bedbugs to hide and multiply. The longer you keep such clothes in the house, the more you enhance the survival.  Also clean up dirt from around the home and inside the house to ensure you completely succeed in dealing the bedbugs a killer blow by locking them out of your home.

  1. Mattresses cover

It has been proved that the most preferable hideout for bedbugs is in the hem of mattresses. There may be very little you could do to deal with the hem because manufacturers don’t but you can eliminate it be using a mattress cover. The cover makes sure that there is not edge on the mattress and thus the bedbugs can find nowhere to hide. This leaves them stranded and they cannot mount their attacks on you if they thus kept at bay.

  1. Use insects powder

There are many ways of killing insects but the most effective must be those that can remotely come into contact with the bedbugs itself. The powders are sprinkled on the most frequented places by bedbugs and when they step on it they are poisoned and killed.  These powders are widely available in the stores and are good for personal extermination. All you need to do is to ensure you sprinkle it on all surfaces until there is no possibility of any missing out. This powder should also be sprayed on beds on all sides, on sofas and other infested place.

The above steps don’t require you to be a professional or have to use some special skill or equipment but can be easily done at home to eliminate bedbugs.

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