roachesCockroaches are one of the insects known to last longest without food. Scientific research has proved that a cockroach can last up to a whole month without having need of food. This makes them very hardy and able to survive the harshest of conditions even in the worst places. Besides food, they are also known to be able to stay without several other things for such a long time that you might mistake them for dead when in fact they are only sleeping. For instance, they can go without breathing for up to 40 minutes. To understand this period, you need to know that humans can only last up to nine minutes without breathing, thus if you want to suffocate a cockroach, you need to keep it without air for over a minute. Another interesting fact about the ability of cockroaches to go without things is that it can last a week without its head.

In spite of their ability to survive and last long without many basic things, a cockroach cannot live forever without food. Furthermore, food is the easiest to find in a home as food for cockroaches. They love to live in the kitchen where they lie in wait for the leftovers of different foods. It is common in almost every kitchen to find leftover food which is not cleaned up as people go to bed after dinner. This is the best upkeep for cockroaches in every home. It has been proved that whenever roaches find food on any place, they have a way of communicating and calling one another to come and feast. Knowing this, you can actually starve your cockroaches to death by making sure there are no leftovers in your kitchen.

For you to succeed in eliminating cockroaches by starving, you will have to embrace a strategy that will keep your home without leftover food for a prolonged period.  You need to prepare well before you get started because a little lapse in your commitment may mean that you add another month in your proposed starvation period. You must put in place strategies that will minimize the foods left over at dinner and any other time f the day and that is likely to remain there for more than an hour. Remember, cockroaches don’t hide very far from where they feed. They are also able to easily detect food stuff in a short while and start making steps to it. Even though they are generally nocturnal, they can surface during the day to satisfy their hunger.

Besides keeping the house free from leftover foods, care must also be taken to rid the whole compound of the home of any foods that may attract cockroaches. You can invest in tightly locking garbage bins which will ensure all the foods disposed there remain free from cockroaches as they wait for the dumpster. You can also spray the surrounding areas of your home like fences and glasses with pesticides to increase the chance of completely exterminating the cockroaches at the end of your starvation period.

The strategy of starving out cockroaches from your home is one of the most successful and sustainable. Once you succeed in the first trial, you get more determined to continue keeping the hygiene standards so as to keep your house free from cockroaches.  This will also help you deal with other issues which may be related to the leftover food problem like mice and rats.

Eliminating cockroaches is not always the easiest thing to do in the home, especially if you are looking to employ a method that is likely to demand personal input. The method explained above is one of the most effective and it is less costly and more accurate.

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