bed bug biteBed bugs have become a dreaded phenomenon in homes today because of the nature of their infestation and the effects they have on humans. It is now common knowledge that bed bugs pose a serious threat to health both to adults and children. They carry killer germs on their feet and body and can easily infect a person on contact even without the dreaded bite. The bite itself is one to abhor because it is painful and very irritating. If you are one of those people with a sensitive skin, a bed bug bite may spell many days or months of agony and even hefty medical bills. For normal skin, the itching and pain may just be for one night but it’s enough to get you sleepless which mean you spend the following day sleepy and tired. For children, bed bug bites are very painful and can cause serious infections on the skin. Even the mere contact with the bedbug may be a source of a harmful skin problem. No parent loves to see their children suffer especially where the suffering is preventable.

The bedroom and the bed itself is the only place people spend most of the time in the home. It is estimated that most children sleep for between eight to ten hours a day. This makes the bed the place they spend the longest time in the home. This also applies to adults. This being the case, the all care and effort must be employed to rid the bedroom of bed bugs. The best approach would obviously be to stop the bugs from ever accessing the room but this is very difficult given the shadowy nature of bedbug movements and breeding. To most people, the first step is extermination because they only realize their bedroom has bed bugs after they are bitten at night.

Spray bed parts

The most basic and very effective step towards eliminating bed bugs from your bedroom is to expose them. Bed bugs hide in the most unusual places to avoid being noticed. They hide in cracks and around joints in corners and under the bed.  If you want to effectively exterminate bed bugs from your bed, you must then expose them and spray with a powerful bed bug spray that will kill both the bugs and their eggs. For this to be effective, you cannot spray the bed when it is in its usual place. You need to remove it and keep it in a place where there are no other beddings. It is preferable to keep it in its own room or outside where the bugs will not have anywhere to escape. After setting it in a lone place, you can dismantle all the parts you are able to especially the joints. This will allow you to spray inside every bedbug hideout without leaving a chance for escape.  After spraying, leave the bed in that position for a whole day to allow the bugs and the eggs to completely die. You may then take it back to your bedroom.

Mattress treatment

If you exterminate all the bed bugs in your bed and do nothing on the mattress, you will most likely be leaving some of the bugs alive to re breed. The mattress is very key to your bed bug extermination strategy for your bed. If your mattress is infested by bed bugs, you can kill the bugs buy spraying it with hot steam. Run the hot steam all across taking more interest in on the edges and folds.  The next thing you need is a mattress cover. Bed bugs hide in folds and the mattress cover effectively eliminates the folds on your mattress making it uncomfortable to bedbugs.

These two steps will ensure you enjoy your sleep together with your children without being interrupted or woken up by bedbugs.

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