mouse in compost pitPeople today love to live in big houses where they can enjoy fresh air and engage in other activities. Keeping a clean and well kept house is a challenge to many home owners and people have resulted to professionals to help them. Mice are not only available in a home, they actually like living in bushes around the places where they find food. In this case, if your home is where they find plenty of food, their challenge will obviously  be where to spend their nights. The first choice is always the immediate home. Mice can live in your home and you may never find them. They know how to hide in small bushes and other hidden places in the home. At night, they will come out and feed on all that has been left out in your house and in the home. This keeps them going on and they can easily multiply and cause untold havoc in your home. There are several things you can do to ensure you not only eliminate mice but also to avoid having to live with them in the same home against your wish.

 Maintain a clean home

Maintaining a well kept home is the hardest thing any home owner has to face on a daily basis. Most people do a very thorough cleaning on the inside of the house but forget the places outside of the home. A bushy home is the best place for mice to hide and reproduce .all loosely grown grass, trees and bushes are the common hiding places for mice. Anything that covers the ground is a potential mice hiding place. Therefore, to succeed in completely eliminating the mice, you need to ensure your home is clean and clear all the time.

Proper waste disposal

Mice like any other living thing cannot live without food. If you have mice in your home or house, the most obvious reason is that they are able to find food in the vicinity. The issue of keeping the home clean is important if anyone is to succeed in eliminating mice. All you need to do is to make sure you have a proper waste disposal facilities where all the foods leftover in the house can be kept and locked. This leaves no available foodstuff for the mice. With no food, mice will either relocate elsewhere or starve to death. The exercise of cutting grass and bushes around the home must be constant and if possible kept for as long as you live in that environment if you are to completely succeed in ridding your home of the menace of mice.

 Mice traps

The other most effective method of eliminating mice form your home is the use of mice traps. Traps have been used for a long time to trap mice and rats and they still remain the best alternative to dealing with stubborn cases. Some mice are hardy enough o withstand chemical substances that are normally used against mice. That is why you find mice are still coming even after you have poisoned all. The reason is that others could still have been hidden in your home and thus avoiding the poison. With a trap, you can target specific mice with the king of food they love eating and you can place the trap at the place mot frequented by mice.

Keeping your home clean and use of traps are the best methods that have succeeded in many homes when it comes to rat and mice elimination. A clean environment makes mice uncomfortable because they like hiding and likewise, the mice trap gets hold of the mice itself and you can rest assured it will not come back.

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