Bedbugnymph 2Bedbug infestations are posing a great problem in homes and even in some work places. In homes, this can cause untold suffering and discomfort. From the sofas in the lounge to the bedroom, these parasites will hunt you down leaving not space for rest. It even gets worse if your bed is infested because you will not enjoy your sleep, rest and comfort desired to refresh for the next day.  In spite of this, there are simple things you can do to rid yourself of the menace without having to spend so much money or hire some company for services or an expert.  Here are five steps that will come in handy in your quest to eliminate bedbugs in your home.

1. Wash infested clothes in hot water.

Bedbugs only increase in your home if they get the right conditions to hatch their eggs.  Bedbugs and their eggs cannot survive hot water. It is advisable to wash all your clothes, beddings, pajamas and any other infested linen in hot water and you will be killing all the eggs that would have continued your bedbug infestation.

 2. Dry clothes in the sun.

Drying your clothes in the sun has numerous benefits. You may already know that sun rays kill many bacteria that are harmful to the body and especially those that find home in underwear. Bedbugs also lay their eggs in hidden parts of your clothes and only the suns heat can penetrate to such places. If you only dry your clothes in the drier or are in winter, set your drying temperatures slightly above the normal to increase the amount of heat reaching the clothes. This will make sure any egg or bedbug that survived the hot water laundry does not have a second chance.

 3. Vacuum cleaning

There are many items in a home or office that are never washed or cleaned in one way or another. Some of these include computers, laptops, sofas, and even lockers. The best tool you have against bedbugs in these items is the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum each and every one of these items to kill the bedbugs and their eggs. Leaving such items unclean for a long time creates perfect conditions for bedbug infestation and any effort to eliminate bedbugs without such a holistic approach will inhibit success.

4. Wipe  with Disinfectants

Cleaning the house items without a disinfectant may not offer you the best protection from bedbug infestation. You need to follow up every cleaning and vacuuming with a thorough wiping using a disinfectant. This helps to clean out any egg or bedbug which may have been left out in the cleaning. Use a clean cloth and wipe every surface, corners and under beds, tables, cabinets, wardrobes and shelves.

5. Insecticides

There are many insecticides that can be used to exterminate bedbugs in a home. You can find them in many stores and they normally come with a user’s manual that is easy to understand. They are either in powder or liquid form. You need to read the instructions carefully to know how to use them as some can be harmful if inhaled or in contact with food items. There are some which are natural and biodegradable which are better to use when you are doing self extermination.

These five steps can save you the hustle of having to source for a bedbug extermination company and you will spend less than they would normally charge. Expert help is however necessary in cases of serious infestations where you need to employ more professional equipment and materials. They can also advice on the best way to keep your house free from bedbugs.

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