Bed bugs are such a health hazard in the home due to their effect on health and general home comfort. They inhabit the most desired places in the home such as the bedroom, lounge and any other place where humans love to take rest.  The desire to completely eliminate them from a home is always there and people keep trying different methods with varied success. One of the most difficult things about dealing with bed bugs is where they hide. They like hiding in such places like in cracks, curtain and bedding hemming among other hideouts. This means you can hardly see them if and when you want to do something about them. It makes it hard to spray pesticides and other chemicals that are available in the stores. The bugs have nowadays developed some resistance to chemical sprays such that even after spraying for several times, you might still have a good number of them remaining and reproducing more. This causes frustration and therefore a need to explore more effective control measures.

Hot water

Hot water is one of the best ways to completely kill bed bugs and their eggs. This is a method that has been used for hundreds of years to not only deal with bed bugs but many other domestic parasites.  The first thing to do is identify the areas that are infested with bed bugs. After knowing their hiding spots, you then prepare boiling water. If possible you can bring together all the things that are infested so as to make it easier to work. Bring all beds, lockers and other wooden items together preferably in the sun in an open space. Pour boiling water all round the bed making sure you pour on the edges, folds and joints. The whole bed should be sprayed with hot water so as to eliminate any chance of survival for the bed bugs. Do the same with all the other items and leave them in the sun to dry before you take them back to the house.

For clothes and other garments, you need to wash them in hot water ensuring you keep them a bit in the hot water to kill all the bugs and their eggs. This should be done to curtains, clothes, beddings and any other material. The hot water destroys all the bed bugs and kills the eggs hidden in cracks, folds and hems and there can be no chance for their survival. The hot water treatment needs to be repeated whenever you encounter the bed bugs after the first treatment.


Steam is another way you can eliminate bed bugs in your house without using chemicals. With a steam kettle, you need to spray steam to all places where the bed bugs are. Make sure you spray the cracks, joints and curtain hedges together with the underside of beds and cabinets. Unlike water, steam is more friendly to most items in the home and it is also equally effective. Remember to spay all the areas around the bed and sofa sets where the bed bugs could be hiding. In the course of spraying, you may find some bed bugs trying to escape but this is a great time to annihilate them.


There is a wide variety of bed bug traps found in the stores. You  can find one that fits your budget and it will go a long way in dealing with your bedbug problem. Traps are very effective in that they attract the bed bugs and then suffocate them to death, giving them no chance to escape. A regular usage of the traps can in the long run give you complete freedom from bedbug infestation.