bedbugsOne time or the other in life, you have found your home infested with one parasite or another. The most common of home parasites are bed bugs. These are tiny insects that suck blood from us when we sleep and can also act as disease vectors in a home environment. They are very scary and can be very hard to deal with especially if you are having the infestation for the very first time.  There are several approaches to dealing with a bed bug infestation but the most trusted has always been the use of chemical sprays. These are widely available in stores in areas notorious with bedbugs and they can be easily applied, following instructions.

Although self bed bug extermination is preferred by many people as a way of continuously securing homes for bed bugs, it has a number of challenges. One of the most obvious challenges is the lack of technical knowledge on bed bug extermination. For any person to succeed in any endeavor and for this case one where you are dealing with shadowy insects, you need to have a thorough knowledge of bed bugs. For the lay person, bed bugs can be easily eliminated by spraying insecticides available in the stores. With that belief, they use such products but unfortunately, only realize after a few days or months that they never really dealt fully with the problem.  This can be evident in recurring bites, multiplication and spread of the bed bugs into different living areas in the home.

Expertise is the key to completely eliminating bed bugs in any environment. All the insecticides sold in stores for use to deal with pesticides are basically designed to be used by non experts. Most of them are thus mild and not able to render the effect that may be desired to eliminate bed bugs. Any study on bed bugs will tell you that they are very reclusive and you can hardly see them during the day. It is not always clear where they like to hide or what time they like coming out. All a common person does is to look for those he can see and spray them to death. In most cases, it is not applied the right way or due to the reclusive nature of bed bugs. It is possible to spray a whole house and still miss out.  An expert has knowledge on both where bed bugs hide and how to spray them and their eggs.

Another reason why it is advisable to use experts instead of self extermination is the nature of chemicals they use. Besides the chemicals and sprays available in the shop for the general public, there are others that are only used by professionals. This is because they are stronger and thus more effective than the ordinary sprays. Their application can only be handled by experts who are trained and well equipped to protect themselves and achieve the desired objectives.  The ordinary person is deficient of such training and will most likely not have the required protective gear. Furthermore, using stronger insecticides exposes one to many risks and thus an expert will be best suited to advice.

The other most important reason you should hire and expert to do your bed bug extermination is because of their knowledge on how to deal with the bed bugs inside a home environment. As an ordinary person, you may assume that bed bugs can only hide in your bedroom and so in case of you spraying, this will be your main area of concentration.  An expert will be aware of all the hiding places for bed bugs, the possible areas for laying eggs and any other hiding place. With this in mind it becomes far much easier to deal with bed bugs and do it conclusively.

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